Q-SOUNDS SUPER SOUL REVUE ft. Laura Laurens & Principles of Joy will deliver an explosive celebration of soul. Boasting some of the best musicians and singers from upcoming French soul label Q-Sounds Recording, this troupe will pull out all the stops, as anybody who witnessed Pricniples of Soul at their Cologne show in December will remember very well. Thank you to the musicians and the label for stepping in at such late notice. That’s what friends are for!

JonQuan will play a short set together with Eastern Standard Time. With a little help from Victor Rice, Jon recently released his excellent album JonQuan & Associates on Easy Star Records. Songwriter, front man, and keyboard player for Virginia Beach’s Buddha Council, JonQuan began his infatuation with Jamaican music as a vinyl collector and DJ. From ska to rocksteady, reggae to dub, JonQuan’s production style and keyboard shuffle conjure classic Jamaican styles. As previously announced, he will also deejay at the „Night Club“ aftershow party on Friday night together with Cologne DJ legend Alex Fireball. Check out Jon’s album here: Easy Star Presents JonQuan & Associates, by JonQuan

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