Who we are

Uli, Sven and Peter

We are a non-profit association and a group of three friends dedicated to our common passion for music. Uli, Sven and Peter (from left to right) have been organising Freedom Sounds Festival for almost 10 years and we are proud to be supported by many friends and volunteers.

From the very beginning, we had the idea to explore the roots and branches of our beloved Jamaican music and to put together a musically challenging and diverse festival that transcends genre boundaries.

In recent years, we have set up several other events, most notably our summer outdoor fest “Freedom Sounds Chill Out Session” (at Odonien) and “Freedom Sounds Christmas Ball” (at Gebäude 9).
All of this we could not have done without all the fantastic artists and bands, many of whom have become good friends, and you, the best audience in the world!

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